Yukiko Sasaki Alam, Ph.D.

Professor, Dept. of Digital Media

Schools of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei Univ., Tokyo, Japan

Research Interests

  • object-oriented machine translation model (containing universally common grammar and knowledge)
  • structure of the lexicon
  • word sense disambiguation (WSD)
  • text understanding grammar
  • development of educational software


Linguistics/Natural Language & Computing Resources

Language Pedagogy

Sasaki Lab for Educational Software: (2003-2012) Students' Theses, Extended Abstracts, PPT files and Software (2003年〜2012年佐々木研究室卒業論文、抄録、発表ファイル、ソフト)

Japanese Morphological Analyzer by Algorithm(アルゴリズムによる日本語形態素解析)